Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Peacock Committee-1986
Report of the Committee on Financing the BBC(Cmnd 9824)July 1986Chairman: Professor Alan Peacock.Expected by the Thatcher government to conclude that the licence fee should be abolished, the Peacock Committee favoured retaining much of the existing system as a 'least worst' option.-

The Broadcasting Act-1990
The Broadcasting Act 1990 was the first step down the road of deregulation in British Broadcasting. It reversed previous restrictions on ownership of ITV franchises, whereby one company could hold only one franchise and overseas ownership was forbidden. - The Broadcasting Act

The Hutton Report- 2004
Hutton report blames BBC- The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is primarily at fault in the controversy leading up to the suicide of David Kelly, the microbiologist and Iraqi bioweapons expert, according to a long-awaited judge's inquiry report. -Revolt at huttons's white wash - The hutton report- fear and loathing at the BBC -Lord Hutton responds to media reaction to the Hutton Report

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