Wednesday, 18 March 2009

TV guide

i looked at the sky TV guide where i found that on Saturday on the basic channels there is:
Early in the morning it is mainly children programmes and adult cooking programmes more for a female audience.
Then later in the morning and early afternoon it is mainly sport for a male audience and sometimes a film.
In then evening it tends to be family entertainment programmes such as Ant and Dec and Dancing on ice. This would appeal to a whole family viewing.
Then later in the evening it tends to be a film targeted at normally an older audience such as this week on channel 4 Brokeback mountain is on.

On a Monday there is:
In the morning it tends to be property TV shows, chat shows, and selling items such as bargain hunt and cash in the attic which would target an older audience.
Later in the afternoon it tends to be repeat dramas
Early evening it is children's programmes, quiz shows and the news.
around 7 the soaps are on till about 9.
Later there is a selection of films, documentaries and comedy programmes that would appeal to a mixed audience.

Obviously the people who schedule the programmes know their target audience, and know what times during a day where a certain audience will be watching the programmes. They would use this to their advantage such as showing children programmes before they go to school and after school before and average bedtime. I think the times of scheduling would be influence by what time the targeted audience for the programmes would be on to get more viewers. For example you wouldn't see violent film on about 4'oclock on the average terestrial channels.

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